Paving Your Baby’s Journey to Optimum Health Begins with Paving Your Own.
Part I: The First Five

Feeding their babies tasty meals that provide optimum nutrient levels for healthy physical and mental growth is a high priority for caring parents. Of course, one of the best ways to acquaint babies’ taste buds to healthy choices and to teach our children to choose and enjoy these same foods as they grow is to set the example in our “grown-up” diets.

Research continually documents that people who put an emphasis on produce, fish, whole grains, and healthy fats not only weigh less, but also improve their armory against heart disease, depression, and dementia. It seems obvious and yet, sometimes we all need a little help and guidance, so Bambinos put together ten basics tips and guidelines to helping you move toward a diet for optimal health. We’ll share five todays and five more in our next Founder’s post.

  1. Before you make your first food choice, make the choice for family and friends. Meals are meant for memories. Stop the rush, sit down, and enjoy your food with laughter. Even if you eat most of your meals alone, sit down and relax – listen to music, your favorite talk show, etc. 
  1. Eat whole foods. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Buy in season. Purchase whole grains, non-GMOs, fresh, and organic as much as possible. Choose locally grown when you have the option. 
  1. Learn to cook with herbs and spices – they bring out the flavor of your food. 
  1. Fall in love with water – a dash of lemon or lime adds flavor, and it’s much better for you than sugary high carb drinks. 
  1. Eat veggies – every day – all day. Consider them your staple, as in 8+servings/day. And remember to:
    • Choose a variety of colors.
    • Focus on non-starchy.
    • Become a salad connoisseur – lots of greens and lots of veggie toppings.

These 5 pointers will help you get started on your journey to optimal health.  In our next post we’ll discuss fruit; fish & poultry; seeds, nuts, and legumes; whole grains; and those oh-so-healthy brain-building fats. If you’re feeding little ones, Bambino’s Baby Foods has a wonderful selection of tasty organic foods designed to correlate with your baby’s growth. Every product we offer starts with fresh organic ingredients farmed just for us. Our recipes are inspired by leading research and supported by pediatricians and allergists for allergy prevention, nutrition, and superior flavor. We guarantee parents quality and convenience. Our mission is simple: Real food parents can trust, and flavors children will love. See you next post – for part II.


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