How do I redeem my gift card?

Your Bambino's Baby Food Gift Card or Promotional Code is added at the last stage of your purchase, when you input your payment method. For more information on our gift cards, or to shop for gift cards please see here.

How long does the baby food keep?

3 months from the date it is purchased. Once a bag is opened we recommend it’s consumed within a month if kept in the freezer. If you keep it in the refrigerator we recommend the food is consumed within two days.

How can I travel with Bambinos?

Warm it up, put it in a jar or sucking pouch with a spoon, and consume within 2 to 3 hours. Keep it in a cool dry place or cooler bag.

When should I expect delivery?

Within 3 to 5 days, but we don’t ship on weekends and we stop shipping on Thursdays. We ship overnight via FedEx. Once received place food directly in the freezer. We will email you a tracking number and estimated delivery time. Please be sure to have someone at home to place food the in the freezer immediately upon delivery.

How many stars is a serving?

Three is the nutritional serving, but customize each meal to your child’s needs.

Can stars be eaten frozen?

Absolutely! Let stars melt on counter top for a couple minutes if they’re too cold for your baby.

How do I prepare the food?

Stovetop: Place the food on the stovetop on light simmer. Test temperature on your own skin before serving.
Microwave: Remove the desired number of stars from pouch, cover, microwave in 30-second increments, stir in-between, repeat as needed until consistency is a smooth puree

Can baby food be kept out of the freezer or refrigerator?

It can be kept out for up to three hours at room temperature.

Can baby food be reheated?


Who is the baby on the package?

Constantine, our founder’s first born child.

What does the name, Bambino's mean? / How did the company come up with the name Bambino's?

Bambinos means baby in multiple different languages including Italian, Spanish, and Greek. We picked it because it sounds fun and because you’re always somebody’s bambino!

Where does the salmon and Halibut come from?

It is wild caught Alaska seafood straight from Alaska fishermen.

Is fish healthy for babies?

Absolutely! Seafood is an excellent sources of natural omegas that are essential to neural development. Many allergists and pediatricians have support Bambino's idea that seafood should be included in children’s diet.

Where are the vegetables grown?

All over Alaska! And they’re never pre-frozen when we receive them!

Where is the baby food manufactured?

Anchorage, Alaska, in our very own kitchen.

Peanut teething cookies: When should I start introducing peanuts to my child?

Around age four to ten months. If you’re scared of introducing peanuts at home have your baby eat them at a doctor’s office for first time. Our peanut cookies were created based on a LEAP study.

When is my baby ready to eat Bambino's?

The little one should be at least 4 months old and is a supported sitter, and reaching out to grab food. Learn more here

Are the vegetables prefrozen before Bambino's production?

Nope. Never!

Who should eat Bambino's Baby Food? / Is Bambino's only for babies?

Absolutely not! Infants, toddler, parents who make their own baby food, late-stage Alzheimer's patients, cancer, gastric bypass and gastroparesis patients, and bodybuilders all eat it!

What kind of packaging do you use? Is it environmentally friendly?

Our food comes in a variety of different packages including our signature resealable bag. These are all space savers: One bags equals five jars of food or seven pouches.

Do you offer discounts or partnerships?

Yes! Please email me with your specific inquiry.

How does this work?

You subscribe. We send out your order. You plop it in freezer and takeout and heat when needed. Repeat. Place a one time order or subscribe and save!

Can I write a review?

Absolutely! Please email us at: zoi@bambinosbabyfood.com