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When I saw that the state of Alaska Health Department showed that 40% of 2 year old children are in the obese category I was disturbed. That’s when I knew I could make a difference and help each family and child get a healthier, stronger start in life. We are all someone’s bambino and need healthy, natural and nutrition meals. Bambino’s would be honored if you would like to be part of the Bambino’s Baby Food family and help us make a difference in the lives of children and families. Investors are welcome and together we can make our meals available to more communities. A healthy start is a healthy ever after!

About the Founder - Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas

Zoi and her Son

“A healthy today is a healthy ever after!”

I founded this company, to make a difference in our nation’s children’s eating habits and help parents have a better more wholesome option when it comes to meals and snacks. I’ve owned an Italian and Greek restaurant called Olympia, in Anchorage, Alaska, for 20 years and that experience combined with my medical studies at Baylor University has helped me to create a natural baby food line that is not just a mix of boiled fruits and vegetable, but a real, savory, nutritious recipe. I believe in allowing the baby/child to experience flavor that is healthy, natural and savory because it promotes healthy eating habits for the future. I also want to help parents by giving them a go-to product that provides their child with all the essential nutrients. I am currently working with children’s allergen physicians in creating and supporting children with special eating habits.

Kosher Almond Pasteli Fresh Fruit Pasteli Organic Honey Pasteli Delicious Creatian Rusks Fress Fruit Pasteli Fresh Hand Rolled Rye Couscous BVeggies with Chicken Organic Baby Food Carrot and Orange Biscotto Organic Baby Food Breakfast Cereal with Fruit Organic Baby Food Vegetable Stew with Filet Mignon Organic Baby Food Sweet Spring Veggies Organic Baby Food