Fresh Frozen Organic

Baby Meals

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Fresh Frozen Organic

Balanced Meals

Nutritious Delicious Convenient →

Just Like Homemade

mom cooking with daughter showing good nutrition representing Bambinos Baby Food frozen meals and snacks for baby and toddlers
Just like homemade and super convenient! Each balanced meal is thoughtfully prepared with the freshest organic ingredients. Our founder creates savory flavors that appeal to the youngest palates and deliver the most nutrition. Developing your little one's eating habits for life.

Our Products

Bambino's Baby Food provides freshly farmed frozen baby meals and nutritious cookies specific to your baby's dietary needs. All of our products are made with loving care, delivered from our kitchen to your home.

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are grown specifically for Bambino’s Baby Food from certified organic and natural farmers. Our produce are grown in Alaska's pure, natural and untainted soils, where vegetables are grown with nutrient rich glacier waters. Our natural ingredients are NEVER pre-frozen and go directly from the farmer straight into our meals. 

Our Process

Founder of Bambinos Baby Food in testing lab showing frozen baby meals on plate
Our cooking process is simple. We start with quality ingredients and recipes that have been carefully calculated for your child's development and nutritional needs.  With precise temperature control and our flash freezing method we maintain the nutrients from the ingredients healthy, active and delicious while sealing in the freshness. Bambinos Baby Food products are free of preservatives and additives of any kind.  

Frozen Shaped Meals

From fun frozen shapes to full flavored delicious meals in under a 1 minute. 
Have you Heard the Latest News about Peanuts?
Daily, Exact amount of peanut protein decrease frequency of Peanut Allergies in Children.
We're proud to offer the first teething cookie to help reduce your little one's chance of acquiring a peanut allergy. The Peanut Mani teething cookie was developed with the Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center of Alaska and has been carefully formulated with the exact amount of peanut protein that helps build up natural immunity to peanuts. The study is called LEAP and has been published by the New England Journal of Medicine. Our cookie is recommended for infants as young as 4 months of age. Let the Peanut Mania begin!

Hungry Baby Happy Mommy!

Our frozen meals are super convenient and quick prepare. They come in stand up resealable pouches with 12 to14 star shaped cubes. Remove the amount of cubes desired, warm, and serve. Each meal can be specifically portioned for your child. Little ones even love eating the frozen cubes. Our patented frozen star form fits perfectly in little hands and helps with active teething. 
Ordering and Storage
Parents and caregivers once you have placed your order we will begin making your fresh and delicious baby products. You can expect delivery within a week or earlier. Once the seal has been broken it is best to follow the instructions to preserve quality freshness of product and best to consume within a month with proper storage.
We Ship to Your Door!
For your convenience we offer baby food subscription service. With various options to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your family’s nutritional needs: Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Combo, and Pescetarian.