First Frozen Baby Food with Stand-Alone Freezer – Bringing Healthier, Fresher Choices for Infant and Toddlers with wide selection of Protein and Vegetable Meals.

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Bambino’s Baby Food Closed Deal with Kroger- Fred Meyer as First Frozen Baby Food with Stand-Alone Freezer – Bringing Healthier, Fresher Choices for Infant and Toddlers with wide selection of Protein and Vegetable Meals.  

Led by Zoi Maroudas a Medical Professional, Mediterranean Nutritionist and president of Bambino’s Baby food in Alaska. New products will fuel healthier eating habits, reduce food allergies and limit food waste with innovative recipes and packaging.


ANCHORAGE, ALASKA April 7, 2022 – Bambino’s Baby Food, the next generation baby food brand and manufacturer of natural, organic frozen protein and vegetable meals for infants, toddlers and families with digestive and swallowing difficulties announces the healthy partnership with Kroger- Fred Mayer. Stores in select states beginning with state of Alaska as of today will offer 12 different products of Bambinos Baby Food meals in stand-alone freezer in baby food aisle. Today marks the first time in the baby food retail industry that fresh frozen protein vegetables meals for ages 4 month plus to 3 years old will be found in baby food aisle.


Parents can now find the highest nutrient, preservative free, non gmo, corn and soy free fresh balanced meals in the baby food aisle as if parents made it fresh themselves at home with love.  Zenta Jones parent and health cretic shares Bambino’s is an extension of our kitchen creating the purest most nutritious well balanced meals that supports immune and developmental health. Bambino’s products packs to 7 to 10x more nutrients when compared to other brands without any vitamin fortification.  



Each Bambino’s standup resealable pouch holds 5 meals composed of 15 star shaped cubes that allows caregiver to custom portion each serving limiting food waste and package waste. Each product can be prepared smooth for babies new to solid food stage1, with texture for stage 2 and mixed with barley, quinoa or lentils for stage 3. Frozen stars can also be given as teething snack or assist with baby- led weaning.  


Bambino's Baby Food Frozen Organic meals available at Kroger - Fred Mayer    

Sockeye Salmon Bisque  Alaskan Wild Sustainable Salman, Carrots, Onion, Maroudas Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Potato.

Hearty Stew  Filet Mignon, Carrots, Celery, Onion, Maroudas Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Barley

Veggies With Chicken  Chicken, Carrot, Celery, Maroudas Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Barley

Hali Halibut  Alaskan Wild Sustainable Halibut, Carrots, Onion, Maroudas Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Rice.

Filet Migon Vegetable Stew  AAA Certified Filet Mignon Angus, Carrots, Onion, Maroudas Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Sweet Potato, Rice.

Sweet Spring Veggies  Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Rice

Googly Carrots  Carrots, Onions, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rice

Happy Peas  Sweet Peas, Onion, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rice

Yummy Yams  Yams, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rice

Peanut Mani Cookie Cereal – Flour, Egg, Ghee, Peanut **Created for early introduction 4months to 18months of age and to desensitize infants who have tested positive to peanut allergy with 4mm reaction.



“What our children eat the first 3 years of life is the foundation on which their overall health stands on. Our purpose and mission here at Bambinos baby food we ensure each spoonful offers every nutritional need a little one requires to grow healthy-strong and while supporting texture and taste. Our clean fresh ingredients are farmed and harvested just for our Bambino’s Baby Food kitchen then cooked, flash frozen and packed with love for little ones. We are so excited and honored to share our innovative healthy foods with Kroger families,” shared  Zoi Maroudas President of Bambino’s Baby Food.


Bambino’s Baby Food is a healthy and environmentally conscience company that farms, harvests and manufactures sustainably and ethically. Earth as a whole is here to nurture, heal and protect us to live long and healthy lives and it’s our duty as individuals and businesses of all industries to protect and care of earth as a whole in return.    


Bambinos Baby Food founded in 2013 by Zoi Maroudas followed by interview with Hoda Kotb. In 2015 Bambino’s launched nationwide subscription service offering families direct home delivery with one month supply. 2017 Bambino’s creates new manufacturing facility open to parents to learn about process and ingredients and wins Manufacture of the year after. In 2019 and 2021 founder Maroudas introduces two US House Bills with Congressman Don Young reform Women Infant and Children WIC) nutrition low income program to allow protein and vegetable blends, organic ingredients, refrigerated products, and reduce environmental food and package waste. Learn more INFANT ACT

** Photo Founder President Zoi Maroudas with her 2 children Athina and Constantine Tziolas


Media Contact: Zoi Maroudas

Phone: (907) 248-0902



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