Peanut Mani Cookies - per case
Peanut Mani Cookies - per case
Peanut Mani Cookies - per case

Peanut Mani Cookies - per case

$ 49.95

The only cookie developed in partnership with allergists to desensitize against peanut allergies.

The Peanut Mani is a naturally-sweetened, wholesome snack perfect for introducing new tastes and textures.

What is in it?

This cookie contains organic peanuts, organic ancient winter harvest wheat, organic oranges, organic eggs and organic ghee.

Where is this made?

This 100% organic meal is handcrafted by a small, mother-owned company in Alaska. Our veggies are grown on a family farm with nutrient-rich glacier water in the untainted soils of Palmer, Alaska and we make our own ghee (clarified butter) from fresh organic milk.

What is included?

One month's supply in 6 resealable packages. Each package contains 12 cookies.

Who is this for?

Peanut Mani Cookies are nutritionist- and allergist-approved for bambinos 4 months and up.

How do I use it?

For infants 4-8 months, crush cookie and mix into breastmilk or formula.

Your bambino may be ready to snack on their own when:

  • Grasps when cookie is presented
  • Can sit upright and hold up head
  • Has mastered tongue movement

Reseal package to keep fresh. Store at room temperature to prevent moisture build up in pouch. Consume by expiration date.