Athina's Venetian Bread for New Years (Vegan)
Bambinos Baby Food founder president Zoi Maroudas and Mother Athina sharing traditions
Athina's Venetian Bread for New Years (Vegan)
Bambino's New Year's Bread with traditional Coin

Athina's Venetian Bread for New Years (Vegan)

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Organic Ingredients: Winter Harvest Italian Grain, Cinnamon, Clove, Anise, Fresh Yeast, Light Raw Sugar, Natural Dried Sea Salt and Maroudas Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil. 

Athina's Venetian Bread is a aromatic lovely spiced sweet bread. This special recipe was created by founder's Zoi Maroudas loving mother Athina, in Zakynthos Greece in 1963. It was a time honored custom that every new bride would create her very own holiday recipe. In 1984 when the Maroudas family immigrated to the US and moved to Alaska.  Athina began baking and sharing this beautiful bread with every family that came to dine at the family restaurant called Pizza Olympia as a gift of love and friendship. This beautiful tradition and recipe has now been passed on to our founder. And we are now honored and excited to share Athina's Venetian Bread with your family where every ingredient represents life and love.

During New Year's a protected coin can be inserted into the bread for someone to find, bringing an extra blessing for the coming New Year. The eldest in the family cuts the bread into pie slices beginning with 1st slice for the home and then for every person present. Whomever finds the coin keeps it as a good luck charm. If the coin is shared between 2 slices then its said to be a joint blessing. 
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Athina's Venetian Bread is delicious for breakfast or as an evening aperitif with feta, Greek Olives and Maroudas Extra Virgin Olive oil.