Full Meals for Babies

Bambino's distinct and unique meals combine the purest protein, vegetables and grains to create an all-natural meal for little ones 5 months to 5 years old.

Each meal starts from scratch, by hand-picking the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. Our vegetables are grown just for us in Alaska's pure soil. We use AAA filet mignon, chicken and wild-caught salmon and halibut sourced by family owned fishermen friends in Alaska.

Our meals are flash frozen to preserve freshness and to lock in nutrients and flavors. Your little one will notice the difference in our fresh made meals.

No preservatives, added sugar, additives or fillers - ever! Just traditional Mediterranean recipes made with your little one in mind, using wholesome ingredients, love and care in every serving.
Store in the freezer and use as many Star Shaped Meals you need! Always ready, always fresh for your little one.