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Omega Pack - The Ultimate Brain Food
Omega Pack - The Ultimate Brain Food

Omega Pack - The Ultimate Brain Food

$ 95.95

3 - packages of our Award winning Hali Halibut (15 Meals)

3 - Packages of our newest product Sockeye Salmon Bisque (15 meals)

Alaskan Sustainable Seafood provides a natural source of beautiful omegas
into your little ones diet. One might say omegas are the ultimate brain food and in fact they are. Omegas are so important that that cognitive and eye development are especially dependent. They also play a vital role in neural development. If that is not enough evidence it is found in nursing mothers milk.

Creating food options that truly addressed children's health and development, with quality pure ingredients was our founders, Zoi Maroudas sole purpose. With determination for a healthier tomorrow and her medical background with emphasis on organic and sustainability, she gives talks at American Allergy Foundation, pediatric conferences and many health conferences nationally. Her research found this to be the best most natural way to introduce omegas and retain omegas into little ones diet as early as 5 months of age. The right seafood, harvested the right way and time and the cooked the right way will be the greatest benefit to your little ones nutritional development.

The texture is smooth. You might find yourself preparing a bowl just for you. :) It will remind you of a velvety lobster bisque one might find at a 5 star establishment that is low in sodium and packed with nutrient rich vegetables.

Baby, infants and toddlers need natural omegas. Salmon and Halibut are easy to digest and tastes delicious which is extremely important for paving healthy eating habits for a life time.