Bambinos Baby Food Frozen Star Shaped Meals - All Protein Variety Pack 6 Packages 24 Meals
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Organic natural baby Food just like homemade and created to with love by Founder Zoi Maroudas. Healthy omegas, great natural nutrition for strong healthy development. Great for families on the go and we ship nationwide. Pure natural nutrient dense baby food!

All Protein Variety Pack - 24 meals

$ 107.95

A selection of six products, each featuring a perfect balance of fresh organic protein, vegetables, and grains in every bite. 

Will include any combination of these products: Salmon Bisque, Hali Halibut, Hearty Stew, Veggies with Chicken, Oodles of Noodles, Sweet Spring Veggies, Hungry Munchkin and Vegetable Stew with Filet Mignon. All our meals are kosher, all-natural and contain no additives.

 What is included?

One month's supply -- about 24 meals -- in 6 resealable packages. Each package contains 15 frozen stars. Save with a monthly subscription. Get a Bambino's freezer bag free with your first month's delivery.

Where is this made?

This 100% organic meal is handcrafted by a small, mother-owned company in Alaska. Our veggies are grown on a family farm with nutrient-rich glacier water in the untainted soils of Palmer, Alaska and our wild Alaska seafood comes from the best local fisheries.

Who is this for?

Bambino’s Baby Food is nutritionist- and allergist-approved for bambinos 5 months and up.

Bambino’s Baby Food is also a nutritious option for individuals with sensory sensitivities, who are recovering from gastric or dental surgeries, managing gastroparesis or cancer, or pursuing muscle building and weight loss goals.