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Googly Carrots - 24 meals

$ 71.95

Bambino’s Frozen Baby Food Googly Carrots Frozen Shaped Meals

A vibrant, wholesome meal of organic Alaska vegetables and grains gentle on the developing digestive system.

Organic carrots, organic onions, organic brown rice and organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. All our meals are kosher, all-natural and contain no additives.

What is included?

One month's supply in 6 resealable packages. Each package contains 15 frozen stars, about 24 meals total. Save with a monthly subscription.

Where is this made?

This 100% organic meal is handcrafted by a small, mother-owned company in Alaska. Our veggies are grown on a family farm with nutrient-rich glacier water in the untainted soils of Palmer, Alaska.

Who is this for?

Googly Carrots is nutritionist- and allergist-approved for bambinos 4 months and up.

Bambino’s Baby Food is also a nutritious option for individuals with sensory sensitivities, who are recovering from gastric or dental surgeries, managing gastroparesis or cancer, or pursuing muscle building and weight loss goals.

How do I use it?

There are three ways to enjoy Bambino’s Baby Food.

  1. As a popsicle. Allow one to two minutes at room temperature to thaw slightly. Teething babies enjoy grasping and chewing on the frozen star shapes. Perfect for ages 4+ months.

  2. As a textured meal. Place frozen stars in a tempered bowl and microwave in 30-second increments until desired texture is achieved. Best for ages 12+ months.

  3. As a puree for ages 4+ months new to solids. Follow the steps for the textured meal, adding bottled water as needed to achieve smooth puree consistency.