Bambino's can now be Found in Airport Vending Machines

Bambino's Baby Food Partners with Baby Vend

Our founder Zoi Maroudas partners with Baby Vend a woman owned company to help traveling parents have access to fresh organic foods while traveling. 

Traveling with little ones just became less stressful. Bambino’s Baby Food and Baby Vend partner together to address both nutritional and oops baby needs! This is so exciting!! Meet Jasmin Smith founder of Baby Vend together with our founder Zoi Maroudas setting up the very 1st machine. These vending machines are currently available in select Alaska Airline terminals. More great news coming soon!!! ✈️ 👶 💕A beautiful variety of Bambino’s Baby Food products will be available in vending machines - Nutrient rich organic snacks, cereals, bibs, bottles, soothing teas and gift cards.

Photo: Founder Jasmine Smith of Baby Vend & President - Founder Zoi Maroudas of Bambino's Baby Food

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