Bambino’s Frozen Baby Food Founder Honored By State of Texas, City of Waco, Baylor University

Maroudas Commended for Commitment to Improving Childhood Nutrition

Anchorage, AK, Nov 6, 2017 - Zoi Maroudas, Founder and CEO of Bambino’s Frozen Baby Food and expert an infant nutrition, was honored by the State of Texas with a resolution that commended her for “dedication to improving childhood nutrition.” The resolution was signed and presented by Texas Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson following Maroudas’ presentation on nutrition at Baylor University in Waco.

Concurrently, City of Waco Mayor Kyle Deaver proclaimed November 2, 2017, as “Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas Day” in honor of Maroudas’ “outstanding leadership and commitment to health and nutrition,” citing specifically “the development of Bambino’s Frozen Baby Food, which contributes to the well-being of infants, children, and adults with a variety of health conditions."

Maroudas was also presented with a certificate of appreciation from Baylor University President Linda Livingstone, PhD, for being a faithful ambassador for the school.

“I am deeply honored by this acknowledgment of my work and mission,“ Maroudas said. “I am even more humbled to learn how communities nationwide embrace the mission of Bambino‘s Frozen Baby Food to improve children’s health by establishing healthy eating habits at the earliest stages.”

Maroudas is a graduate of Baylor University and earned admission to its medical program. It was during her time as a student that she connected her education in medicine to her passion for nutrition and health. Her experiences at Baylor laid the foundation for her approach to building a better baby food.

About Bambino’s Frozen Baby Food

Bambino's Frozen Baby Food has revolutionized baby food with all-natural, preservative-free, authentic meals optimized for infant nutrition while reducing allergy and obesity concerns. Bambino’s frozen meals combine protein, vegetables, and whole grains as recommended by pediatricians and allergists for infants four months and older.

Bambino’s is the only baby food company:

  • with complete traceability and transparency in its sourcing and manufacturing;
  • to feature wild Alaska seafood and its superior Omega 3s;
  • to produce a cookie/cereal proven to reduce peanut allergies in high-risk infants. Read more about the Peanut Mani.

Bambino's ships nationally and offers subscription service to any state from their organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian varieties.

Awards 2017

  • Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Gold Pan Award
  • Women's Business Excellence
  • America's Choice Award for Best Organic Brand
  • Alaska Symphony of Seafood, People's Choice Award for Salmon Bisque baby food
  • St. Elias Best New Startup by Alaska Business Monthly

Awards 2016

  • Alaska Symphony of Seafood, Grand Prize for Hali Halibut baby food
  • First Place Business Plan Competition
  • Featured by Hoda Kobt from the Today Show

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