Bambino's Harvest of Extra Virgin Cold Press Olive Oil

Bambino's Harvest of Extra Virgin Cold Press Olive Oil

Bambino's Harvest of Extra Virgin Cold Press Olive Oil - From Greece and Italy. Zoi Maroudas President Founder of Bambino's Baby Food shares the journey of how Maroudas olive oil is made and why it's so incredibly important for infants and adults. This delicious journey promotes health and shares long standing traditions. Photo: 3 Generations Maroudas's Father Dionsios, Daughter Zoi, Granddaughter Athina. Photo taken in Zante Greece Oct 28. 2019

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Hello dear Bambino’s Families and Happy Loving Holidays!

Our Bambino’s team, together with my family, just returned from an amazing harvest from our very own Maroudas family orchards in Greece and Italy; and we can’t wait to share! We had a bountiful harvest of natural and pure ingredients, like our winter harvest ancient wheat, grapes, walnuts, and of course our amazing olive oil.


Hippocrates called olive oil “the great healer,” and the olive tree itself is a historical symbol of health and peace.


When I first created each recipe for our Bambino’s meals, I was determined to use only the very best, most pure and nutrient rich ingredients, like our very own Maroudas extra virgin cold pressed olive oil from our family farm.


Maroudas Olive Oil is a vital ingredient to all of our Bambino’s products. It aids digestion and metabolism and is an all-natural treatment for rashes or eczema. It’s delicious and rich in flavor. Use it over fresh salads or drizzle it over fresh baked bread, like our Calugine.


You may ask, “What is the secret to Maroudas olive oil? Why is it that beautiful emerald green color?” Our groves sit in the rich rolling hills of Zante. My great grandfather and a couple more great grandfathers all the way down to my father and myself have cared for these fertile lands for 300 years, with many trees dating 1500 years old. The fields are nourished naturally without the use of pesticides or herbicides. My father Dionsios and our team remove the olives from the trees without damaging the tree or the olives. The weather must be perfect, not too damp, because if you harvest when it’s damp you will bruise the tree. The trees are then tapped so the tiny pear-shaped olives drop, where they are collected on tarps and bagged. Within no more than a day of collection, the young, pure, raw olives are taken to be cold pressed at temperatures at or below 25° Celsius (77° Fahrenheit). Our olive oil is also unfiltered which keeps more nutrients and natural fats intact. “Quality, not quantity” is our motto.


These beautiful bright green olives offer a bountiful supply of natural nutrients at this stage, ensuring our oil is rich in Omega-3 and -6, as well as vitamins B6, A, E, D and K. This is also when they contain the highest level of antioxidants.


We are excited to welcome Maroudas Olive Oil as a new item to our Bambino’s products, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it.


Thank you for honoring us and allowing us to be part of your family’s nutritional journey!


Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


Much love and respect,


Zoi Maroudas

President – Founder – Mom

Bambino’s Baby Foods


December Recipe
This is the perfect evening aperitif for Mom and Dad!
Toast until golden and crisp
Drizzle Maroudas olive oil on the bread, and then pour on your favorite wine, while the bread is still warm.
This traditional recipe was my grandfather’s. After returning from a long day in the fields, my grandmother would toast the fresh wood oven baked bread, pour on our fresh olive oil and homemade wine. This delicious recipe soothes the heart and mind. Enjoy!