Why Babies Need Iron and Where to Get It

I’m often asked why Bambino’s Frozen Baby Foods only uses filet mignon in our beef recipes. The answer is simple: the filet contains the highest level of iron of any cut.

A 22 pound, eight-month-old needs 11 mgs per day - which is higher than the recommended daily allowance for 180-pound adult male.

Iron is important for brain development. Lack of iron can cause anemia, tiredness, irritability and decreased appetite. There is a link between ADHD and iron deficiency. National Institutes of Health states that"A causal relationship between iron deficiency and poor cognitive development and/or behavioral problems has been well-established over the past three decades."


Great Options for Iron


Oddles of Noodles

Hearty Stew

Hungry Munchkin


Babies' iron needs are satisfied by mother's milk for the first six months, after that the level of iron in breast milk begins to taper off. When you consider the tiny volume of baby tummies, it’s essential that babies’ first solid foods are iron-rich. This is where fruit and vegetable purees fall short.

Fortifying foods is not enough. Iron from natural sources - like heme found in beef - are up to ten times more easily absorbed than iron supplements. Fish and whole grains are also good natural sources of iron.

We also know that our bodies absorb a greater percentage of iron from our foods when natural vitamin C from sources such as oranges and tomatoes are added. This is precisely why Bambino's meals contain proteins, vegetables and whole grains in a balanced meal that meet these important developmental needs.

Ensure your bambino is getting the purest, organic, highest-quality iron available. I’ve selected three options below.

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